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TQG “Program”

What Is the “Program”?

A “Program” is defined as a “plan of action to accomplish a specified end,” or a plan or schedule of activities, procedures, etc. to be followed.

Why Do Business with TQG?

We understand the concept of being a “strategic partner” to your business and can provide solutions designed for your specific requirements.

We deal direct with all of our mills/suppliers and can negotiate long-term pricing/supply commitments. This can provide your company reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to all of your supply/inventory/material requirements. This can save your Company money, time, and valuable warehousing costs/expense.

In the words of one of our largest customers, a national window manufacturer, “TQG makes it easy to do business”.

With a Program from TQG, you simply call TQG, and we deliver within five (5) business days, for customers on a customized inventory stocking program/TQG Program. Customer pickup is also available.

TQG is “Big” enough to negotiate with suppliers/mills for the best prices, but “Small” enough to provide you with personal/customized service.

You are not a “customer” number in a database at TQG, but a name and partner that will be treated with respect, and receive the personal attention and service you deserve.

Our goal is to be the “Best”, not the biggest.

We don’t believe every sale/order is worth it! If you are a quality-oriented/service-driven organization and want the lowest overall cost, TQG is the perfect partner. (If you want the “cheapest” product at the “cheapest” price, TQG may not be your best choice.)

Plywood shipments from the mill will have 10-15% of all pieces shipped as “off-grade", per industry specs. This does not include additional below grade boards that slip through as "on-grade" material, which the mills require you to absorb. TQG inspects all material before shipment reducing "off-grade" material dramatically. How does your plywood supplier “stack up” to this performance level?

A “Program” from TQG can provide the perfect solution to your company to provide all of your wood product needs:

On-Time Delivery

“Just-In-Time” (JIT) Inventory Programs

Products Designed to Your Specifications

Competitively Priced

Inventory Always Available/In-Stock with TQG Program

TQG QC Helps Reduce Scrap/Waste