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TQG inspects/sorts all material before shipment, reducing your “scrap”.

If you operate a single manufacturing facility, or have locations all over the country, TQG can develop and deliver a “wood program” designed to improve efficiency and save you time and money.

TQG employees inspect all material before it is packaged for your application. Defective/damaged material is removed—greatly reducing your scrap/waste. For example, a major plywood customer received over 16,000 pieces last year, with only 60 pieces they did not accept. Does your plywood supplier deliver 99.64% on-grade and 100% useable panels?

As a result of TQG Quality Control Process we can also offer a discount to plywood users that can use off-grade or shop material. This is an attractive cost saving option for companies that still cut plywood by hand on table/band saws.

All plywood panels from TQG are excellent for use in high-volume cutting applications using “CNC” machines. This is because the balanced panel is virtually free of warping/bowing. It will lay flat on your cutting table and not cause the cutting bit to “bind”, or not cut-thru the panel due to high/low spots.

If you pay $90/pc for 1-1/4 x 4’ x 8’ hardwood plywood in a standard 24 pc unit, you pay $2,160. However, if 3 pieces are un-useable (shop, mechanical defects, off-grade) your real cost per piece is $102.86 ($2,160 ÷ 21 “good” pcs), and you still have the problem/cost of disposal/return to supplier, etc.

Customer pick-up at the warehouse is also available

With a “Program” from TQG price guarantees can be established, possibly for up to one (1) year

Price vs. Cost

We strive to achieve the lowest overall cost for our customers - Which results in the maximum usable material, reducing or eliminating costly waste.


TQG “Program”

Text Box: JUST REMEMBER:  “You Get What You Pay For!”  Often times the cheapest product is not the most “cost effective” when you consider the entire production process. If you “scrap” 5-10% of what you buy, wouldn’t paying 2-3% more for material that is 100% usable save you money?
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