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Primed Jamb Extensions

Import or domestic

Custom milled/profile

Clear Jamb Extensions

New Zealand Radiatta Pine





Other species available

Flat Jambs

Split Jambs—Primed/Unprimed


Domestic and imported

Hardwood veneer—Red Oak, Select White Birch, Natural Birch, White Maple, Okoume, and others

Core construction

Veneer core

MDF crossbands

All” balanced panel construction ANSI/HPVA 3.10 specifications for balanced panels!

¼” to 1-1/4” thickness

4’ x 6’ to 4’ x 12’ (width x length)

Other lumber available by request


Mouldings and Casings

Available in clear solids (e.g., Oak, etc.)

Finger jointed Pine/Fir and primed

Dimensional Lumber and Construction Grade


For packaging and dunnage applications

Custom Package Options Available

For easy transfer to production areas

For easy shipment/distribution regardless of shipping method—flat bed, dry van, etc. TQG owns their own trucks, delivered by TQG employees, customer service

Lamination Service Available

Vinyl can be applied to one or both sides of plywood to provide moisture barrier for head/seat boards and garden window applications

Colors are available on request