Dedicated to Providing Quality Products and Superior Service

TQG, Inc. (The Quality Group) has been in business since 1988 and has over 21 years of experience serving window and door manufacturers. Our corporate office is located in Beachwood, Ohio. Our primary business function is distribution and delivery of specialty plywood, window and door jamb extensions, mouldings and casings, and lumber related products for window and door manufacturers.

We specialize in quality products at competitive prices, combined with inventory and distribution programs designed for the special requirements of our customers.

The Quality Group recognizes the unique requirements of our customers and can offer a program tailored to your special application.

The Quality Group deals directly with domestic and overseas mills. We have our own employees on-site at our overseas mills to supervise and inspect for adherence to specifications and quality control. Every single container is inspected by TQG employees before leaving the mills.

The Quality Group can also provide just-in-time inventory programs. We have the ability to stock inventory and release upon customer request. This way your resources are not tied-up in extra inventory and costly warehouse or production space.

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